Ben Okri and Slices of Paradise

Ben Okri Concert

On Sunday I had the enormous privilege of singing with the Orchestra of St Johns in a special concert programmed by the award winning novelist and poet Ben Okri. This was the¬†closing event at the Woodstock Literary Festival and Ben was given the freedom to chose his favourite pieces. He came up with the most wonderful, eclectic and beautiful selection of music from Bach to Tchaikovsky. This was a vocally challenging concert for me as I sang a huge range of genres from Mozart’s Laudate Dominum and Schubert’s Shepherd on the Rock to African folk songs and finishing with a scat solo of the famous So What by Miles Davis. To use such varied vocal technique in one evening was such fun although took a lot of concentration. To listen to Ben explain his love of music and what it means to him spiritually, emotionally and creatively¬†was like someone putting into words things I have felt about music for my whole life but never found the words to express. I found it a very emotional but comforting experience and something I will never forget.